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FreeCube - by Andrea Marchini

Click here for the same applet with different parameters

FreeCube is a freeware applet that shows a texture mapped cube, that is, a cube with an image on every face. You can choose the images that will be used as textures, you can choose the link and the frame that will be opened when the user will click on a face, and you can choose the description of every face: 6 faces, 6 links! Click here if you want to know how to use FreeCube.


- move the mouse around the cube to rotate it
- drag the mouse to rotate the light
- click on a cube face to open the link


- perfect texture mapping algorithm (no aproximation), high quality texture
- perfect phong shading algorithm (no aproximation), high quality light model
- gouraud shading algorithm, smooth shading and quick rendering
- speedy flat shading
- light color selection
- choose the frame and the description of the link
- choose the maximum fps and mouse sensibility
- choose light parameters and light model (phong, gouraud, flat or none)
- auto quality control, for best perfomance with slow machines and best quality with fast ones
- simple image processing effects for enabled and disabled faces
- background image


I'm pretty sure that FreeCube has maaaany bugs, help me to find'em and I will try to fix them as soon as I can!


The software is free, you can redistribute the entire package as you find it in this page but you cannot alter any file. Thx!


Look at the apple at the top of the page, click on the faces of the cube and look at the pictures of my friend Ginuz!


Click here to download FreeCube